It’s hard for new real estate investors to get traction when they’re getting started. 

Most new real estate investors fail because they give up when all they need to do is take a few practical steps to close deals. 

In today’s episode, I’m sharing the 3 best practical steps you can take today so you’re not forced to give up on your dreams before they happen.

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • How your loved ones subconsciously sabotage you from reaching your dreams ([1:07]
  • Why you need to fail at real estate if you want to become successful ([1:50]
  • The only marketing channel working right now for real estate investors ([6:48]
  • How to “copy and paste” what other more successful people are doing into your own business and life ([4:07])
  • The “Toddler’s Secret” most adults forget for not getting discouraged after major failures ([2:58]
  • The only 4 words you need to hear to know if someone is a qualified seller ([9:37]
  • Why you should celebrate not closing any deals during your first two months ([11:09])  

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