Investments are supposed to be a somewhat safe and conservative way to grow your money. Not only is that not true, but there are several reasons you’re actually losing money if your cash is parked away in a retirement or investment account. 

And some types of investments are worse than others. They come with fees that seem small, but actually gobble up a large chunk of your cash. 

In this episode, I want to help you see through the confusion of investing and give you the secrets for making safer and more profitable investments. 

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • How inflation is robbing your investment and retirement accounts blind ([1:42])
  • This is the worst type of investment to park your money into… ([4:38]
  • How to see through shady marketing tactics that can steal $15k (or more) from you ([4:48]
  • Hidden rules in your savings accounts that will gobble up all your money before you spend it ([5:56]
  • Why getting into real estate can save you thousands of dollars on your taxes ([8:03]
  • The deadly “C-word” you must avoid unless you want to wither away and die ([11:39]

If you don’t want your retirement account or your savings account dwindling away anymore and you want help or some guidance on what real estate to put it into, I’d highly suggest checking out the training we put together for you at

Resources mentioned in the episode: 

The problem with printing money

Value of $10,000 from 1921 to 2020 


What Is the Average Interest Rate for Savings Accounts?

How a 1% Fee Could Cost Millennials $590,000 in Retirement Savings

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