Most people think you need experience to become a successful real estate investor. But that’s not always the case. 

In fact, sometimes too much experience can hurt your real estate business. 

In this episode, Sandy Gump, a real estate amateur who has been crushing it in her first few weeks in real estate joins me. She reveals why having no experience can be your secret weapon. 

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • Why positive cashflow doesn’t outweigh “rental headaches” for landlords (and how to use this to your advantage) ([3:05]
  • How the pandemic has overburdened many smalltown landlords (and how you can make a killing helping them) ([3:35]
  • How to get a property for 55% cheaper than the market listing ([3:55]
  • The weird reason why some sellers don’t want to make a profit (and the trick to get dirt-cheap properties) ([7:11]
  • How to close 3 contracts within your first 5 weeks of investing without prior experience ([12:13]
  • Why being too aggressive usually backfires and ruins deals ([12:43]

If you’re in the Wisconsin area and would like to get in touch with Sandy, feel free to give her a call at (414) 250-8822 or simply Google Sandy Gump. 

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