What if the Government fails to pay its debts? Imagine a scenario where interest rates skyrocket, borrowing becomes a luxury, and investor confidence plummets. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. In the featured episode, Nate and Steve fearlessly dive into this pressing issue. But what does it mean for the real estate market?


• Obtaining a loan would become more expensive

• Government subsidies for housing could also suffer from a lack of funds, leading to payment delays

• Tenants may lose their jobs, further exacerbating the situation. In the past, when such situations occurred, people had to downsize and move into multi-family properties.

Although multi-family rents experienced a temporary pause, they eventually started rising. Historical data suggests that rents tend to increase during recessions. Multi-family properties become an attractive asset class during downsizing scenarios because people always need a place to live. If you come across a multi-family property and can acquire it at a favorable price, just like how Nate and Steve are doing now, don’t let this opportunity slip away.

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