Real estate goes through cycles like gold and silver. While that scares the amatuer investors, the seasoned pros know how to see through the chaos and find golden opportunities. 

In fact, because of the pandemic, there are certain types of sellers who are extra motivated to sell you their properties than they were only 3 months ago. And there are certain states that can bring in a bigger return on your investment than ever before. 

In this episode, I’m sharing how to spot these extra motivated sellers, decode headlines to know which states are better for buying properties, and create a passive income stream that’s immune to the craziness of our current situation.

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • How to ethically take advantage of the shifting trends in the real estate market ([2:36]
  • If you’re doing this, you’re being forced to pay more than you should for a property… ([4:45])
  • The real reason most real estate investors quit and give up on their dreams ([5:45]
  • These specific types of property owners are in a financial “pinch” right now due to the pandemic ([7:31]
  • How to follow the headlines to uncover which states are best for buying up properties ([11:47]
  • The trick for getting sellers to chase you instead of the other way around ([14:40]
  • Want to eliminate 16,000 people competing against you for properties? Do this… ([14:46]
  • The biggest mistake real estate investors make that sabotages your long-term profits ([17:29]

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Resources mentioned in the episode: 

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