Many real estate investors miss out on easy deals because they don’t know how to properly estimate rehabs. 

Overestimating the rehab will cost you the deal. While underestimating the rehab will send you into bankruptcy. 

In this episode, Eric Cooper, a successful real estate investor who has nailed estimating rehabs properly joins me to reveal how to improve your estimation skills and close more deals. 

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • Why relying solely on pictures when buying a property can wreck all your profits ([3:13]
  • Why there’s no need to panic if a newly purchased property needs a new roof ([5:17]
  • Why trying to lowball your way to the bank is a recipe for bankruptcy ([7:40]
  • How your emotional IQ trumps any other “skill” when it comes to real estate investing ([9:35]
  • The case for not trying to make a killing on every investment ([10:26]
  • How to succeed with real estate investing on social media (even if you never use social media) ([10:42]

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