The cold, hard truth about why you struggle to close deals is because you get in your own way more often than you’d like to admit. 

There are a lot of potential mistakes you could be making. But the good news is that these are usually easy to fix, especially once you’re aware you’re making them. 

In this episode, I reveal all the most common mistakes real estate investors make so you can start closing deals more than you ever thought possible. 

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • How your mom can help you make more real estate deals ([1:45]
  • How to protect yourself from the “new standard” Big Tech companies have created ([3:36]
  • The “Double T” method Big Tech companies used to double their market share in one year ([4:34]
  • Having trouble closing deals? The strange place to look for answers… (it’s the same mirror!) ([4:53]
  • The single most important skill that helps you sell properties on “easy mode” ([8:07]
  • This “L-word” helps you easily close deals with stubborn clients stuck on a certain price ([12:26]
  • The “Steam Engine Secret” that immediately lowers the guard of sellers ([14:26]
  • How one simple statement can help you close hundreds of more deals ([15:20]
  • The case for saying no to a six-figure deal sitting on your desk ([25:32]

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Resources mentioned in the episode: Follow-up Calls with Prospects – When Has a Salesperson Gone Too Far?

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