Have you ever had good conversations with a seller only for them to disappear and never contact you again? 

It happens more often than we like to admit. 

But the good news is it that it usually happens because one of these two key things were missing from your conversations… 

In this episode, I’m discussing what those two ingredients are so you can make deals happen like popcorn at the movies. 

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • Why Michael Jordan would be wildly successful at real estate investing ([1:19]
  • Ignoring this ingredient is responsible for more deals falling through the cracks than anything else ([1:54]
  • Use these 3 “magic words” 5 times or more during calls and you’ll close more deals than you know what to do with ([2:57]
  • The trick for buying and selling a property 35x higher than what you paid for it ([4:14]
  • Simple tweaks to make to your words that seem silly but work like gangbusters to close 10x more deals ([5:35]
  • How to deal with nervous and shaky sellers so they don’t ghost you ([9:52]
  • The biggest mistake you’re making that causes sellers to back out of a deal even if they’re already signed a contract ([11:50])  

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