Tired of all your offers being rejected by sellers? 

Many real estate investors wrongly think that the best way to close deals is to lowball cash offers. Not only is this method ineffective at best, but dealing with nonstop rejections will sabotage your drive and make you want to quit. 

In this episode, I want to share with you 17 different ways to make your offers so irresistible that sellers would have to be braindead to reject them.  

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • Neglect this and every deal you try to close will be harder than pulling teeth… ([1:12]
  • The “L-word” that helps you get properties for $9,000 cheaper than your competitors ([2:38]
  • The “RCD method” for getting a property for less than market value without forking over hundreds of thousands of your own dollars ([4:44]
  • The most popular (and effective) way to buy a property ([8:12]
  • Donald Trump’s surprising secret for becoming a wheeling and dealing real estate mogul ([12:00]
  • You need to do this at least 7 times when you’re discussing business with a seller or you’ll be ghosted by them ([14:11]

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