Most people assume that wholesaling and real estate investing is shady. They think you’re just in it to make a quick buck and don’t care about them. 

And for good reason. As with any other business, there are both good people and bad people working in real estate. But there is nothing more powerful to the growth of your business than showing people you actually care about them. 

In this episode, Kim Cerrato joins me to discuss how helping people first instead of worrying about “business as usual” will catapult your real estate business. 

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • 4 simple, yet powerful words that can help a seller ditch their signed contract to work with you ([3:53]
  • The “V-word” that instantly removes doubt about you from a seller’s head ([4:34]
  • Why relying only on numbers will bankrupt your real estate business ([11:07]
  • The easy way to get sellers to come to you instead of chasing them ([12:19]

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Resources mentioned in the episode: 

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