The inflation rate over the past year is not something to be taken lightly, with even the government’s adjusted numbers indicating a minimum of 7%. If you’re currently putting your money in vehicles making only 4% or 5%, you’re losing out on a whopping -2%, and that’s a real blow to your hard-earned cash. Luckily, Nate and Steve are here to help. In this episode, you will:

• Discover why investing in multifamily real estate during a recession can provide stable income and long-term appreciation.

• Learn about the hidden benefits of real estate investing over other investment vehicles.

• Gain valuable insights into how investing in multifamily real estate can be your ticket to financial security. With the Fed pulling money out of the market, now is the time to consider investing in assets that are seen as safe havens to hedge against inflation and economic uncertainty. They’ve got a fantastic deal on a 22-unit building in a historic district with great tenants and locked into a 4.33% interest rate loan while the rest of the market is paying a much higher 6% or 7.5%.

So, if you want to invest smart and secure your financial future, click the link below to watch the episode. Don’t wait, act now!

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