Have you ever wanted to enter the commercial real estate field by buying multifamily properties. If so, you will want to listen to special guest today – Mike Fritz. He created his first duplex at the age of 19 then felt a call to the ministry. After serving his fellow men and women for several years he knew it was time to get back into the real estate game. But, Mike wanted to get in big. He bypassed single family and went straight into multifamily deals.

Today, Mike is going to share with us his formula for doing multifamily the right way.

Here are the show highlights:

  • Mike’s fist duplex [5:30]
  • How real estate helps us achieve our dreams [13:03]
  • How Mike built the bulk of his business in less than a year [15:00]
  • What does full financial freedom mean to you? [16:09]
  • Structure deals to ensure investor buy in [20:36]
  • How to get paid in large multifamily projects [24:07]
  • Why mentors can raise your sights and your profits [28:06]
  • The move to convert “other” commercial properties to multifamily [45:14]
  • How you can learn multifamily from Mike [46:49]

From cultivating a winning mindset to knowing the correct steps to take when entering the multifamily arena, Mike is the right person to learn from. If you want to do things the right way you have to listen to Mike.

To work with Mike visit www.10weekmulti.com or email Mike directly at mike@poweruprealestate.com.

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