Too many real estate investors aren’t financially literate. But knowing a few financial tricks could easily 10x your real estate business and help you retire sooner. 

In this episode, Kris Haskins joins me to reveal the financial tricks he’s using to save money on his taxes, fund his real estate business, and retire sooner. 

Kris also shares the best opportunities right now for both real estate and investing. Listen now!  

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • Investing in this specific type of IRA is so profitable it should be illegal ([4:54]
  • How to make it impossible for your IRA to lose value ([5:17]
  • Why losing $5,000 a month on an AirBnB can save you oodles of money on your fees and taxes ([6:54]
  • How to get your IRA to supercharge your real estate business ([6:09]
  • The $10k trick for borrowing from yourself interest-free to pay off all your loans with interest ([10:40]
  • How to swindle the government to pay your tenant’s rent regardless of outside circumstances ([13:18]

To learn more about Kris and how he can improve your financial literacy, head over to his site at and subscribe to his YouTube channel

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Resources mentioned in the episode: 

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