Auctions can be a powerful way to find new buyers for your wholesale property. But you have to be careful because you won’t win a bidding war against them. 

In this episode, Kris Haskins, a multi-millionaire real estate investor who built his empire after losing everything, is back to share more of his real estate and auction tricks with you. 

We covered a lot in this episode — from auctions to getting better at closing deals to shifting your mindset so success is attracted to you. 

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • The single best type of buyer you’ll meet at an auction to sell your wholesale property to ([4:26]
  • The “Landlord Buyer” Method that lets you get away with charging more for your property ([5:19]
  • The subtle mindset shift to make before meeting a seller that will boost your closing rate ([12:46]
  • How having “Deal-idis” ruins your chances of closing a deal before you even talk to a seller ([13:18]
  • The two-letter word to use to instantly relieve pressure from both parties during a deal ([15:37]
  • Simple questions to ask over text that move the deal forward (and ensures you don’t get ignored) ([23:09]

If you want to hear Kris’s step-by-step story about building a multi-million dollar real estate empire after losing everything, check out his YouTube page. Or if you want to keep in touch with Kris, follow him on Instagram @Kris.Haskins.  

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