Auctions typically get a bad rap by investors. Mostly because they think they’ll get scammed on a property and never make a return from it. 

But there are many ways you can monetize auctions. And if you do your due diligence, you won’t get duped into paying for a dud. 

In this episode, Mike Wolf, a seasoned real estate investor and auctioneer, joins me to reveal the exact process you need to follow to make a killing at auctions. Also, Mike explains how he picks turnkey markets for rental properties and what we can expect in this new world. 

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • How to travel anywhere in the world (even while managing your business and family) ([3:09]
  • How to spot the hidden gems from the dangerous deals at tax deed auctions ([6:02]
  • Why relying on Google Maps could trick you into buying a house that’s burnt to the ground ([7:26]
  • Where to buy a single-family home for a measly $7,000 ([7:58]
  • Unusual ways to laugh your way to the bank during auctions — especially for real estate beginners ([18:52]
  • Why it can take 18 months (or more) to get rid of a bad tenant in California ([28:58]
  • How one bad tenant can wipe out your life savings ([29:40]
  • How to “forecast” the future and get underpriced homes that will boom in a few years ([32:45]
  • Why evaluating cash flow when purchasing properties can bankrupt your entire business ([33:39]
  • 3 criteria to determine the best markets for turnkey rentals ([34:11]

If you have any questions for Mike or want to learn more real estate investing insights, you can send him an email at or visit his website

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