How can you tell a good syndicator from a bad syndicator? What should you be asking when you engage in conversation with them? Well, according to syndication expert Nate, there are a few key factors to consider. First and foremost, you need to assess their ability to handle unforeseen challenges. In the world of syndication deals, adjustments are inevitable. This ability to adapt and overcome obstacles is a strong indicator of competence.

In this episode, Nate shared his own experience of a deal that didn’t go as planned. However, he devised a strategy that ensured:

• Investors didn’t lose any capital

• Investors still received their payments

• and they even made a profit!

This demonstration of problem-solving and resourcefulness underscores the qualities of a reliable syndicator. Furthermore, Nate stressed the importance of always having a Plan B. Relying solely on Plan A is risky in any investment strategy. It’s crucial to have contingencies in place to mitigate potential risks and uncertainties. Seasoned syndicators understand this principle and are prepared with alternative strategies to safeguard investors’ interests. Furthermore, Nate divulged details about an ongoing deal in Louisville, Kentucky—a historically rich neighborhood, just blocks away from a hospital and a community college. Its prime location renders it entirely walkable, while the allure of an all-brick exterior complements its 22 units. Remarkably, occupancy stands at a commendable 95%, with only a single unit remaining unclaimed. As whispers of this opportunity spread, existing investors have already secured 50% of the available spots, foretelling a rapid fill-up upon the official launch. Don’t miss this golden opportunity!

Click the link below to watch the episode and gain wisdom from Nate’s experiences.

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