Are you looking to invest your hard-earned cash but unsure of how to find the perfect operator for your investment? If you’ve been paying attention to Nate’s valuable insights on passive investments, you’ll know that finding the right investment vehicle is crucial. But what about the driver behind the wheel? Who’s going to make sure you reach your destination safely and profitably? In this episode, Nate and Steve discussed about: • the importance of selecting the right operator for your investment • asking the tough questions • knowing who you’re entrusting your money to. Think about it like a game of basketball. Are you going to pick the flashy rookie, or are you going to go for the proven winner like Michael Jordan? The answer is obvious: you want the A-player, the one who’s got the skills, the experience, and the drive to win. And speaking of A-players, Nate has got a seriously sweet deal for you. He’s got a multifamily syndication opportunity in one of the best states around, with the right asset class to boot. This is the perfect place to park your hard-earned cash and watch it grow. So what are you waiting for? Tune in, learn from the experts, and make the smart investment choices that will take you to the top. Click the link below to watch the episode. P.S. In case you missed the last two episodes, Nate shared his knowledge about: • Selecting the best states for your real estate investments. • Factors to consider when choosing a property class and tenant base. • Reasons to avoid investing in government-subsidized properties.

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