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Many new real estate investors think cold calling is a cheap and easy way to talk to qualified sellers and close deals.  But what you don’t realize is that cold calling is ineffective, it’s more expensive than it seems, and it can create legal chaos, causing more problems than it solves.  In this episode, I’m [...]

It’s hard for new real estate investors to get traction when they’re getting started.  Most new real estate investors fail because they give up when all they need to do is take a few practical steps to close deals.  In today’s episode, I’m sharing the 3 best practical steps you can take today so you’re [...]

Real Estate Investing in isolation is like real training for the Olympics without a Team. This show is for busy professionals & business owners who want to learn how to invest in real estate by getting off market properties, the hidden deals, that the rest of the world does not know how to find.   [...]

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