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Let’s talk about some of the things that’s got a lot of Americans worried: • the rising interest rates • liquidity going down • the Fed pulling money out of the market. But savvy investors like you know that there’s always an opportunity in every crisis. And now, it just might be the perfect time [...]

Are you looking to invest your hard-earned cash but unsure of how to find the perfect operator for your investment? If you’ve been paying attention to Nate’s valuable insights on passive investments, you’ll know that finding the right investment vehicle is crucial. But what about the driver behind the wheel? Who’s going to make sure [...]

Have you ever wondered how the ultra-wealthy invest their money in real estate without actively managing properties? Are you curious about how you can earn a steady stream of passive income from real estate investments? If so, then you’ll be thrilled to learn about the expert insights on passive real estate investing that are waiting [...]

Worried about your investments during a recession? Well, you’re not alone… The effects caused by the pandemic on the economy and the community are distressing. Leaving millions of people questioning the stability of their investments. You might be wondering what makes a good passive investment during a recession. If you’ve been tuning in, you likely [...]

Let me tell you something – we are not out of the woods yet. COVID-19 hit us like a freight train, and everything else that happened after that was like gasoline on the fire. There are signs indicating a storm brewing, and we need to be prepared. The upcoming recession is no joke, and it’s [...]

I have to be honest with you: the idea that the worst is behind us is a big mistake. We’ve got a storm brewing, and it’s not over yet. Despite what some may believe, the stock market is not going to have a soft landing. Economic indicators are pointing towards an upcoming recession, and we [...]

How to break the ice and negotiate with grumpy sellers that only want Zillow price

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