There’s a New Way to Create a Real Estate Investing Business

The old way of marketing is expensive and ineffective.

And it’s inauthentic too. When you learn how to market your investing business on social media, you can show your true self. People respond to your ad feeling like they already know, like and trust you.

Imagine what would it feel like to know that you’re actually helping people at a time when they need it the most? To know that every deal you work on is profitable for you AND the seller.

We don’t just teach marketing.

We teach you how to operate an ethical and heart centered real estate investment business. Sure, there are some uber-rich people who teach real estate investing the “old way.” But unethical, sleazeball tactics result in stress and sleepless nights. We don’t want that for you.

It’s possible to build and grow a profitable, ethical real estate investing business.

We’ll show you how.

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We’ve Been Exactly Where You Are Right Now

Social Media Blueprint was created by Nate Armstrong after he “cracked the code” on how to use social media to get low cost, high intent leads. Yet inside Social Media Blueprint he goes above and beyond marketing. He and his team of real estate investing experts show REI rookies and investors how to avoid the mistakes that cause most REI’s to lose money and give up.

Led by a team of experienced REI coaches who have completed over 200 successful deals each, students of Social Media Blueprint learn how to design profitable deals that result in big wins for the investors and the sellers.

Meet Nate Armstrong

Nate Armstrong is a tenured real estate investor who has coached hundreds of students in the US & Canada on how to invest in real estate profitably and ethically. Nate cut his teeth with real estate investing at the height of the Great Recession. Through trial and error he learned how to leverage social media to find motivated sellers.

He created Social Media Blueprint to make it easy for real estate investors to get low-cost, inbound leads. Using proven strategy and automation tools, his students are able to land more profitable deals in less time.

Want to find out how to deploy these low cost social media marketing strategies in your area?

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